Certified Nutrition Coach

Diet Plan

The Course Is Designed to upscale, educate, and certify you as a Nutrition Coach. This course is designed for people who are interested and enthusiastic to deeply understand the concept of Nutrition, its formats and uses.

At the end of this course, you will be able to understand and analyze various nutritional aspects and requirements of your

clients, and will also be able to prepare a customized diet plan that will be fact-and knowledge-based.

TatvaFitness Academy believes in providing the education that is researched, proved, and well presented. Our Nutrition Coach Syllabus is an amalgam of intermediate and advanced learning related to the Nutrition Field.

 1. Introduction to Nutrition                       
 2.The Importance Of Nutrition  

 3. Introduction to the System of                 Calories 

 4. Introduction to Macronutrients

 5. The Importance and Balance of             Macronutrients 

 6.  Introduction to Micronutrients 

 7. The Importance and Balance of             Micronutrients 
8. Composition of Nutrients In Diet 

9. The Meal Frequency and Timings

10. Impact of Exercises on the Entire           Body

11. The Concept of BMI

12.The Concept of BMR

13. Introduction to Different Types of Diets

14. Emphasis on Keto and Paleo 
15. The Concept Of Intermittent Fasting
16. The Glycemic Index
17. Insights About The Cheat Meal
18. Role of Hormones In Nutrition
19. The IIFYM Meal-Plan
20. Creating Muscle-Gain and Fat-Loss         Diet Plan

21. Basic Ethics and Conduct of the              Profession
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Course Duration and Fees

The Course Will Be Conducted For a Period Of 2 months. The course fee is Rs. 21000.

Fitness Class


The Classes Will Be Conducted Both Offline and Online. The languages offered will be English and Hindi



A Certificate Of Certifed Nutrition Coach Will be Issued By TatvaFitness Academy