About Our Consultation Unit

Tatvabodh Fitness Town launched its official consultation division in the February of 2019, under the name TatvaFitness Consultation. The plan was to facilitate the process of booking and scheduling consultations in the domains of Health and Fitness. The Consultation division is a holistic approach towards creating a portal of athletes and professionals so that people can find solutions to all their fitness and health problems.

Why TatvaFitness Consultations

Suitable for all fitness goals

Flexible Schedule

Supreme Guidance

24/7  Support

Proven Results

Professional Experts

Consultation Options

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Talk to the team of best fitness experts loaded with experience and skills to achieve your goals smoother and faster. We cater to all your workout needs


Confused about what to eat, and what not to, or failing to find a sustainable nutrition routine for your goals, we have got you covered. Check out the best meal consultations. 

Mental Health

When we say it's all in the mind, we mean it. The busy lifestyle and pressures have crushed us mentally. We here have an elite team of professionals to guide your mental stimulus, and help you recover mentally. 

Doctor On Call

General physician or a cardiologist, we have them all. Get to connect with the team of doctors just at your time, space, and comfort. Get medicinal recommendations and much more.