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What Do We Offer

Tatva Fitness Town

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Online Training

We offer online fitness training to our clients, as per their body goals, via customized training plan or video sessions.

We offer 24*7 support through all the multimedia handles



We offer an exclusive range of consultation services accessible online. We have a team of well - practiced and professional athletes to help you with your goals. 

We also offer customized fitness - plans as per the body goals . This plans are backed by 24/7 connectivity support.

Crossfit Exercise

Fitness Academy

We operate our fitness academy, where we provide courses for education and certifiation in stream of personal training and nutrition.

The Academy is operated by via both online and offline medium. The online medium is accessible throughout India.


Fitness Contents

We offer exclusive fitness contents to provide our readers deeper insights about health and fitness. The themes of the blogs include workout. nutrition, general health, and supplementation.

We also offer our exlusive newsletters which are packed with bucket of knowledge.

Conference Speaker

Fitness Events

We conduct regular fitness events and campaigns in collaboration with bodies, to spread awareness about health and fitness.

We also conduct fitness seminars, webinars and talk sessions in colleges across India.

Our Exclusive Services

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For Organizations

We organize health sessions, fitness talks, fitness webinars/seminars, health camps, athlete meet-up sessions, fitness get-togethers, corporate health sessions, and much more for organizations like Institutes, corporates, or other bodies.

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For Individuals

We organize one-to-one meetup session, private consulting, general fitness support to the individuals and small group of people

           Become An  Ambassador

Campaign Ambassador of Tava Fitness Town

Campaign Ambassador

Tatva Fitness Town regularly organizes campaigns, events, and sessions related to health and fitness. Grab this opportunity to become a campaign ambassador for Tatva Fitness Town, and influence people with your words and action and get a chance to win amazing perks.

Our Recognitions



Nominated Amongst the Top 5% Startups of the World by Startup Istanbul. Also ranked 2nd In Asia on the evaluation basis of Idea Potential
Nominated Twice for the best Indian Startup by Startup 500
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Tatvabodh Fitness Town is a Startup India recognized startup. 
Tatvabodh Fitness Town is a DPIIT recognized startup.
Registered With the MSME Department of Govt. Of India

Our Partners


Digital Avni is the graphic partner of Tatvabodh Fitness Town. It is an online content-creating unit.