Meet the Team

Tatva Fitness Town has an excellent onboarding of trainers, nutritionists, bloggers, microbiologists, and others. The team also has on point interns who are also an effective part of the team. The Core Team is divided on the basis of sectors of the company, and also caters to the overall development of the team

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Tatvabodh Arya

Founder and CEO

Tatvabodh Arya is the Founder and CEO of Tatva Fitness Town. He is a certified fitness trainer, sports nutritionist, and a dietary supplements advisor. He is also a published fitness author and blogger. He has been nominated for national and international entrepreneurship awards too.

Saiteja Challapalli

Marketing Head

Saiteja leads the online marketing division of Tatva Fitness Town. He is a Google-certified Digital Marketer and also holds the experience of working with other organizations. He also looks after the social media handles of the company.

Ashu Mishra

Content Head

Ashu Mishra is appointed as the content-head of Tatva Fitness Town. She also presides as the joint-director of Tatva Fitness Blogs. She is a microbiologist by education and a writer by passion. She also helps in documenting customer issues and their analysis

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Shubham Sinha

Head of Strategy and Analysis

Shubham Sinha is a dexterous marketing geek who works with the ground-planning of the team. He also directs the flow of the strategies of accomplishing a goal or process in the company. He is closely knit with his skill-set and believes in worthy unleashing of the same. 

Anmol Ratan

Sales Secretary

Anmol works closely with the sales department and is the last one to onboard in the core team. He has shown spectacular progress on the balance sheet owing to his right decisions and strategies with time.

Rown Jomon

Multimedia Head

Rown Jomon is associated with the Cinematography and Photography units of the company. He is a national-level recognized photographer and easily dwells with the work process. He is also an active contributor to Tatva Fitness Town's official Youtube Channel.