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What is it ?

In this training method we will handover a customized workout and meal plan to you for your set body goals made by expert trainers and nutritionists


There are several plans with different durations, but the most prominent ones are for 12-weeks 


Acess to premium plans, 24/7 connectivity, a team of experts, both gym and home workout options.

Fitness Plans

12-Weeks Fat Loss Program

Includes your preferred medium you can opt for bodyweight training plans, gym training plans, or home workout plans alongwith nutrition plans

This package will include a fat-loss program for 12 weeks in which you will be guided to lose weight via customized nutrition and workout plans. You will have two video catchup session at the end of 6th and the 12 th Week Respectively. Nutrition plan will be assessed as per your preferred nutrition style and format. These plans will be made by certified fitness trainers and nutritionists of Tatva Fitness Town.

12-Weeks Muscle Building Program

Includes plans for your preferred training medium either bodyweight, home workouts, or gym workouts. Nutrition plan available.

Get an access to customized workout and nutrition schedule for 12 weeks depending upon your workout mediums and nutritional prefereces. You will be also credited with 2 video sessions one at the end of the 6th week and other at the end of the 12th week. The plans will be designed by certified fitness trainers and nutritionists from Tatva Fitness Town.

           12-Weeks Yoga Program

Includes 12-Week yoga workout routine which includes combination of 'asanas' and 'pranayams' that can be done at one's own comfort and space

A great opportunity to explore the deep-down tricks and secrets of yoga. You get a tailor-made program depending upon your routine and goals. You are also credited with 2 video sessions one at the end of the 6th week and other at the end of the 12th Week. The yoga routine will be created by the yoga expert from Tatva Fitness Town. 

100 Days Transformation Program

Wanna build muscle or lose fat or wanna completely transform yourself like never before. This plan is your gateway to complete physical transformation

Tired of futile attempts to lose body fat or monotonous exercises for muscle-builidng, this should be your pick. We at Tatva Fitness Town believe our transformation package to be the most dynamic and powerful one with sure results. You get an access to customized workout routines, nutrition plan and other basic options. This plans are created by an excellent bunch of fitness trainers and nutritionists. 

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